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End of Year Recap from our Past Chapter President Andrea Lambrecht

Another year goes by and we wonder where the time flies. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was elected as your incoming president. As I reflect on the challenges and successes we had over the last year and what we were able to accomplish, it makes me optimistic for the direction that our organization is headed and what the years ahead will bring.

If there was one question that I encountered most in the past year it was “Why did I choose to become Chapter President?” And as some would say, I didn’t choose it – it chose me. Often times we are presented with the opportunity to make a decision and rise up; that’s exactly what it felt like when I was asked to take on the presidency. A chance to rise up and make a difference. I hope I was able to achieve these goals in the past two years as President-Elect and President. We’ve welcomed many new faces to our committees, had a wonderful symposium and monthly educational seminars, and lastly our best fundraiser ever thanks to our dedicated volunteers.

Now as the year has come to a close, the call for duty is not yet over. As I’ve learned over the past few years, by volunteering my time, I continue to gain life skills and friendships outside of work. I am now able to build relationships with my peers, that previously I have only ever emailed and never saw their face. Each time we come together for PCMA, I continue to meet new people through the spirit of volunteering. You see, for someone like myself who identifies as an introvert, it is not easy to be motivated to socialize. I continue to push my comfort level through getting involved and I am able to make better connections with my colleagues and clients alike.

The more I stay active and continue to contribute to PCMA, the more fulfilled my membership feels to me. I hope you too will answer the call and will rise up to volunteer to feel the joy of giving back to our organization. Thank you to all of our members and volunteers for your continued support. I look forward to another year supporting the chapter and welcoming our new President, Molli to her role!

Andrea Lambrecht, CMP
Corporate Director of Group Services
p | 425-974-7145
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Donica YoungEnd of Year Recap from our Past Chapter President Andrea Lambrecht