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In 2018, PCMA PNW Chapter celebrated their 25th Anniversary which included a few inaugural Board Members in attendance.

Sharon DelaBarre, CMP – Inaugural Board Member; Emily Rademacer – PCMA PNW 2018 Chapter President; Kirsten Olean – 2018 PCMA HQ Chapter Liaison; Michael McQuade – Inaugural Board Member

In 2018, PCMA PNW Chapter celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a toast on October 10th which included a few inaugural Board Members in attendance.

The PNW Chapter of PCMA, representing members from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Montana, is dedicated to serving the meetings and event professionals with continuing education and community service. While not the largest chapter of PCMA, they are certainly the most tenacious; starting with those individuals who represented the inaugural board. They have produced many leaders, created exciting new programs and utilized technology to better serve their members.

Here are a few quotes from those that were instrumental in forming the PNW Chapter of PCMA:

David DuBois
President and CEO
To start any chapter, you need an advocate at PCMA Headquarters, David DuBois was Senior Vice President of PCMA at the time that the chapter was formed and was instrumental with the birth of the PNW Chapter.

“It was my pleasure working with Sharon, Randy, Michael and Ralph when we formed the PCMA NW Chapter. Although never the largest PCMA chapter, the members of this vibrant regional chapter were passionate about networking and providing educational opportunities for their member.”

Randy Cross – First PCMA PNW Chapter President
Former Director, Event Services & Venue at SPIE; retired

“It was a real sense of involvement and of promoting the industry to be part of the creation of the PNW Chapter of PCMA. While I was aware of many of the hoteliers and DMO staff locally, I knew less about my colleagues in organizations that created meetings and events, or those who were “other” suppliers in the industry. It was a dynamic time when those of us in the chapter formation years sat around a conference table and forged by-laws and worked with PCMA headquarters to implement chapter structure.

Planner membership was not as easy to recruit as was suppliers, yet everyone rallied around the concept of sharing ideas, creating a unified voice for the industry, and showing that the meetings industry was truly one of hard working, creative professionals. While we had our bumps and false starts, together we believed in the value of our efforts and persisted. It is rewarding to see that now, 25 years later, the PNW chapter has grown so strong and done so much for the local as well as national industry.

Congratulations PNW Chapter of PCMA! In my recent picture I toast your continued success and all that you’ve collectively done for our industry.”

Michael McQuade
Director of Sales
Washington State Convention Center

“My professional career has been greatly enhanced through my active involvement with PCMA. By volunteering on a number of regional and national committees I met a broad cross section of industry peers, with diverse backgrounds and opinions on the hot topics of the day. These experiences opened doors to higher level industry opportunities and helped shape my own philosophies and work which have in turn provided me the opportunity to give back to the industry on a number of levels. I have several accomplishments within PCMA specifically that I am most proud of; the greatest was working with Ralph Goodman to initiate the PNW Chapter of PCMA and sit on that first Board. The great bonus of all this is that I can count hundreds of industry peers as close professional and personal friends.”

“Those of us who worked together to start the PNW Chapter of PCMA saw tremendous opportunity for this region. At that time, most of the emphasis was centered on the east coast and mid-west and the Chapter helped put our region “on the map”. It is wonderful to see how the Chapter continues to be a focal point for local professionals. My involvement at the National Level, in fact even my Chairmanship of the National Board, could not have happened without the Chapter system and the support of the membership. I am very proud to have gone through the ranks locally and nationally and to have worked to bring Chapter and independent meeting planner concerns to the National arena. My participation in PCMA helped me grow and develop, not only in my profession, but personally.”

Sharon DelaBarre, CMP – Second PCMA PNW Chapter President
Former Independent Meeting Planner; currently retired

“Retired now, I still maintain my Emeritus membership in PCMA and attend the annual conferences when I can. I use all the skills I learned during my career in my “new life” and with the volunteer activities in my community. Remember, there is life after a career; your career is what you do, not who you are. Use those skills to make you a better you for whatever you want to do.”

Sharon DeleBarre represents one of those leaders that served as the first PCMA Chairman of the Board from PNW. One of her goals was to strengthen the Chapters and to push for more recognition and programming for Independent Planners. During her term as Chairman, Seattle was the host city of the 2008 PCMA Annual Meeting.

Ralph Goodman

It is important to note during the formation of the PNW Chapter, Ralph Goodman, who was then VP, Sales & Marketing of Seattle-King County Convention and Visitors Bureau (currently Visit Seattle) was instrumental in leading the charge. He was able to witness Seattle as the host city for the 2008 PCMA Annual Meeting, but unfortunately passed in 2009. Janet Hunter, past Director of Sales and co-worker recalls “Ralph communicated with various PCMA leaders in the country to lay the groundwork in creating a successful PNW chapter”.

Julie DeWeese
Sales Manager
Oregon Convention Center

“I have so enjoyed my years with the PNW Chapter of PCMA and seeing this chapter grow along with the growth and success of the National Leadership of PCMA. It is a wonderful organization with many long time and dedicated members who have contributed to its success. I have made many friends and business partnerships as a result, which has helped me in my career at the Oregon Convention Center!”

“Although PNW Chapter will never be “first” among other chapters for the most members, they continue to provide a platform for the region with continuing education, emerging industry technology and leaders. Get ready for the next 25 years!”

Article written by: Audrey R Fan
Events & Entertainment Producer, PCMA Member

With more than 25 years experience in the hospitality and events industry, Audrey Fan serves as both CEO of an Events & Entertainment Production Agency, and President of an Logistics and Strategic Advisory firm. The two businesses enable her and her teams to provide the best solutions and services to clients and partners worldwide. You can reach her at

Donica YoungIn 2018, PCMA PNW Chapter celebrated their 25th Anniversary which included a few inaugural Board Members in attendance.