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Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarships from the Pacific Northwest Chapter of PCMA is available for the following:

2019 PCMA Annual Meeting, Convening Leaders: January 6-9, 2019 (Pittsburgh, PA)

o PNW Planner Full Ride Scholarship to Convening Leaders
o Partial Funding – Annual Meeting Convening Leaders

Membership Dues

Application Due: Friday, August 24th

In order to be eligible for an industry scholarship, applicants must meet the following prerequisites and agree to the following, or may be asked to return scholarship funds:

Industry Professional:
1. Be an active member in good standing with a minimum of one continuous year of membership.
2. Volunteer as a member of a committee or serve on the Board of Directors for (1) year before applying.
3. For one (1) full year following scholarship receipt, maintain active membership in the Pacific Northwest Chapter of PCMA and attend three (3) chapter events within that year.
4. Write an article for the quarterly newsletter about how you took what you learned at the event you attended and how you implemented it into your career or personal life. Article is required at the time recipient sends in reimbursement form with copies of receipts. Reimbursement will not be granted/approved until required article has been submitted.

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