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The Power of LinkedIn by Laura Daniel, CMP | ConferenceDirect

The Power of LinkedIn

During PCMA in San Francisco, I went to a presentation on LinkedIn by Jennifer Darling. She opened my eyes to how you and utilize LinkedIn to truly be a resource in your business.

For example, how to develop a marketing strategy digitally. One recommendation is to ask your customers why they do business with you. In addition, Jennifer suggests those endorsements added to your profile.

• Communicate in your market strategy what makes you unique
• Establish yourself as an expert
• Create content and share content, this provides more exposure to your current contacts and creates interest for new potential contacts
• Professional Headshot
• An appealing headline is what will grab someone’s attention in the first 5 seconds- When you create your headline/description make sure it is focused on what you can do for your customers, it has to be in the first 10 words.

Be aware of what you show in your profile doesn’t always translate the same way when looking at LinkedIn on your mobile device. Take a look at your profile on your phone to ensure the message you are sending is well received on all platforms.
When you build or update your profile, make sure it is complete, with your work experience, education, volunteer experiences—when people view your profile it is these details that can help start or strengthen a common bond.

Lastly one of my AH-Ha moments, was when Jennifer shared that contact info should be in multiple places within your profile so it is easy to find. Use your LinkedIn URL in emails if you want people to see who you are.
Follow certain industries/people you are interested in before you connect
Engage daily in LinkedIn and introduce others to your connections

Lastly, if you want to connect with people, you don’t always need a business card.

• If you enable Bluetooth
• Go to your network tab
• Tap on find nearby and anyone with LinkedIn with their Bluetooth enabled will pop up as nearby and then you can choose to connect with them or not.

I don’t know about you, but I have some work to do in 2020!
Laura M. Daniel, CMP
Global Account Executive | ConferenceDirect

Donica YoungThe Power of LinkedIn by Laura Daniel, CMP | ConferenceDirect