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Washington State Convention Center shares some big news!

We have two big news items to share with you.

First, the Washington State Convention will soon be changing its operating name from Washington State Convention Center (WSCC) to Seattle Convention Center (SCC).

Although they are changing their name, they want to assure everyone that their industry-leading service, support, attention to detail, and longstanding commitment to customer care will continue without interruption.

While April 18 is the official date of the name change, exterior monumental signage installation has already begun. They expect a phased adoption of the new name and brand elements, and entry signage will welcome guests to both WSCC and SCC until June. Both WSCC and SCC website URLs and email addresses will be functional for the foreseeable future.

The other big news is the Summit building will open in January 2023. Their campus will now include Summit, the original building has been designated Arch at 705 Pike, and The Conference Center (TCC) is now Arch at 800 Pike. For more information, visit or

Donica YoungWashington State Convention Center shares some big news!