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Why Can’t We Be Friends? Written by Alicia Moneyhun | VP Sales, Planner Hero

Why Can’t We Be Friends?
Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Whether it is introducing planners to hotels and venues, meeting my counterparts from around the world, or even just connecting two people I know for no other purpose than I think they could benefit from knowing each other, connecting people is my passion.

Over the years, some connections have even become close personal friends. I have learned from and been inspired by countless others. Two of my connections recently offered me the opportunity to join their new company, Planner Hero – a new third party that books only net rates. I jumped in with both feet in August, after nearly a decade on the DMO side.

I was shocked when, just days into the new job, one connection turned personal friend wished me much success in the industry but also informed me she had to unfriend me as we are now competitors. For a few minutes, I just sat staring at my screen in complete disbelief. Most of my connections were, at one time or another, competitors. For example, they may have represented other destinations when I was with San Diego Tourism Authority, or they were with another third party when I was at ConferenceDirect. Never had I considered severing a connection because I changed “sides”, and this time was no different.

We make connections all over the world at various trade shows and events. Those connections can help us elevate the service we provide our customers or may inspire someone else. Ultimately, we never know where our next connection can lead us. Do not limit yourself! Attend networking events whenever possible, reach out, say hello when presented the opportunity to meet someone new. If you meet someone you feel is a competitor, do not shy away – make the connection. After all, as the 1975 hit by the band War says, “Why can’t we be friends?”. #networking #jbhhseattle #letsconnect #beahero

Written By:
Alicia Moneyhun
VP Sales, Planner Hero

Donica YoungWhy Can’t We Be Friends? Written by Alicia Moneyhun | VP Sales, Planner Hero