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How can you pretend to lead in this unprecedented uncertainty of the pandemic, with home schooling, remote working, economic and job loss upheaval, civil unrest, and election drama? How can you lead others when you struggle to lead yourself, and when nothing seems normal or stable in how we go about our days?

NeuroLeadership: Am I becoming the leader I want to be… invites you into an innovative and authentic way of first becoming more fully aware of who you already are, and then seeing clearly what is around you. Only then are we able to alter our relationship to the environment in a dynamic way with an influential and positive impact. 21st Century leaders need leadership presence, to connect to themselves and those around them. Leaders need to learn to use their minds to full capacity and awareness. Leaders need tools and training to explore more about their innate capabilities to counteract the effects of uncertainty, 24/7 connectivity, multitasking, information overload, and partial attention.

NeuroLeadership is about finding a different way to lead that supports you as the leader and then has a broader impact on your team and the organization. Discover a different way of thinking, being, leading, and connecting with yourself and others. Learn mind training to cultivate focus, clarity, creativity, compassion, motivation, and decision-making. These strategies will compliment your personal life and bring the secondary benefits of reduced anxiety and stress and increased resiliency.

  • Are you so rushed and busy that you struggle to be as present, creative, or innovative as you’d like?
  • Have you been so distracted that the forced stop or slow-down caused during the pandemic has felt like hitting a wall?
  • Do you wonder if you’ll ever return to your former self, professional-ness, and all that you’ve worked to build?
  • Would you like to alter your leadership style, so it allows greater balance to be a more successful and effective leader?

You will get access to:

  • (6) Online Live experiential learning sessions of applied neuroscience in personal transformation and leadership
  • Accountability partners, development activities, homework, mindful awareness and anxiety reduction strategies
  • (6) Live QA and private interaction opportunities with instructor
  • (3) Follow-up sessions ensure your use of and expertise in these new tools
  • In-program practice for immediate application to integrate and apply learning in real time
  • Online access to training videos, summary sheets, planning templates, resiliency strategies, and practical brain-based tools

By the end of this program, you will:

  1. Cultivate mental resilience through daily applications of mind training strategies
  2. Initiate change skillfully by accessing intuition and connecting fully with self and others
  3. Craft a resiliency blueprint for leading, influencing, and guiding change and innovation that reinforces self-confidence, decision-making, leadership, through relaxed mindful awareness

Who this program is for?

For seasoned event, hospitality and service professionals, or any seasoned professional seeking a calm, confident, compassionate, and ready edge for 21st Century leadership. For those will actively participate in every session; willing to be held accountable to leader success outcomes; and willing to put the work into themselves, their teams, and their organizations.


Sessions are live online interactive sessions with instructor and classmates.

12 CEU’s Pending Approval if all Sessions are completed

Meet Dr. Andrea Luoma:

Registration $795.00 for 9 Sessions

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12 CEU’s Pending Approval if all Sessions are completed

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