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PCMA Convening Leaders 2020 – What I Took Away By Alicia Moneyhun, VP at Planner Hero

I attend our local chapter programs as often as my schedule permits, regardless of the topic. Connecting with people is my passion and being able to do it face-to-face is preferred. I also know that any topic can be applied to my life in some way. At PCMA Convening Leaders I was able to see longtime industry friends, make dozens of new connections and – often my favorite part – help others make new connections.

So aside from feeding my passion, there are two main reasons I attend PCMA’s Convening Leaders 2020 : Imagination and Inspiration. The Main Stage this year was the hub of both. All the speakers pulled my focus for the entire time; something that can be hard to do. These are the quotes that resonated with me the most:

“The data is only as good as the story you tell out of it.” – Bozoma Saint John
We have so much data in this industry. I want to challenge myself to not only rely on data to tell the story, but rather to use data to help illustrate the story I am sharing.

“[We must] always be aware that suddenly and unexpectedly we may find ourselves in a role where our performance has ultimate consequences.” – Gene Kranz
This was a part of the Mission Control code at Nasa. Though my daily actions do not have the potential of bringing the ultimate consequence spoken of in this example, I want to be mindful of the ripple effect my choices may make.

“[President George HW Bush] knew the great art of letting someone else be the center of attention.” – Condoleezza Rice
Our positive contributions to others in our lives can sometimes be best celebrated by a simple smile on our faces and the knowledge we helped someone.

“It is okay for [someone] to not want to sit by you…as long as [they] are the one to move!” – Condoleezza Rice
It is ok for someone to not want to be in our space, but sometimes that is best resolved by them leaving rather than us changing.

And my favorite : “Prepare everyone for the journey you’re headed out on and they will remain calm.” – Bozoma Saint John
This can be applied both personally and professionally – let those on your team know the plan so they can prepare and participate. And if the journey requires redirection, be sure to communicate that.

I am grateful to our PNW Chapter for the scholarship that allowed me to attend #pcmacl. The innovation and inspiration are allowing me to really design my vision for the 2020 I want at the office and at home.

Donica YoungPCMA Convening Leaders 2020 – What I Took Away By Alicia Moneyhun, VP at Planner Hero