Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The PCMA Pacific Northwest Chapter is to serve the business events industry by connecting our members through advocacy, education, leadership, and volunteerism.

Values & Goals

  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Member Experience
  • Philanthropy


  • Vision: Seek to empower members of diverse communities, cultures, and identifies to find success within our chapter and industry.
  • Implementation:
    • Create opportunities to highlight the stories and accomplishments of members – ensuring to represent all segments of membership
      • “Member of the Month”
    • Encourage and invite members from all segments to actively participate in the chapter and PCMA sponsored events
      • Task membership with reaching out to recruit diverse backgrounds
      • Include relevant topics to encourage diverse backgrounds to attend and participate in our events
      • Establish a DEI Committee and/or Chair to further these efforts
    • Integrate topics on Diversity into chapter educational offerings
      • Commit to 1 education program per year that focus entirely on this topic to stay relevant and effective
      • Commit to hiring a expert on this topic to come speak at and event or to our board (NCBMP)
    • Cultivate relationships with organizations who are also focused on diversity and inclusion
      • National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals
        • Offer a member rate to attend our events
        • a Hotel, DMC, or DMO who align with our values and goals
    • Develop a Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee to evaluate and activate initiatives
      • Social Media – sharing relevant articles


  • Vision: Create a warm and welcoming environment where professionals are encouraged to grow, learn, and thrive.
  • Implementation:
    • Embrace behaviors that make people feel wanted and valued
      • Have training and education around this topic
      • Ensure the member base is representative of all backgrounds to enhance a welcoming environment
      • Add a Code of Conduct to be signed before our events (reach out to HQ)
    • Create a community where everyone has a voice
      • Create an anonymous feedback form to ensure all voices are heard and receive feedback/ideas on how to best be inclusive and diverse in our chapter
      • Implement more events and education where we hear from members, not just hired speakers. (Ted Talk based, Panel based, Breakout Sessions lead by members, etc)
    • Promote a sense of belonging
      • break the “clique” culture of our chapter
      • brand our chapter as inclusive and diverse via social media, branding/collateral, website, etc
      • “Member of the Month”


  • Vision: Create relevant, innovative, and impactful educational experiences that provide growth to individuals and the organization as a whole.
  • Implementation:
    • Build creative and relevant experiences delivered on multiple platforms using a variety of formats to ensure all learning styles and preferences are being met
    • Thoughtful content curation inclusive of all members, their needs, their interests, and their specific skill levels
    • Provide awareness by education and communicating laws and policies that impact the business events industry, specifically around race, gender, etc.
      • DEI Committee focuses on sharing relevant and trustworthy articles through our social media
    • Cultivate opportunities with organizations which align and expand our educational goals
      • Partner with NCBMP
      • Joint education partnership with relevant organization


  • Vision: Embrace an innovative and forward-thinking approach to ensure a relevant, impactful, and beneficial member experience
  • Description:
    • Create new and purposeful positions within our chapter to invoke change and innovation
      • DEI Chairperson and Committee
      • CEO Buying / Letter of Commitment (PCMA Ascent Example)
    • Take risks to invoke purposeful change
    • Experiment with new technology and design
      • PCMA Ascent as a model for long-term change implementation and SHARE this information with our membership
    • Develop new opportunities to engage stakeholders
    • Add/Update our Code of Conduct and make this visible to members and other organizations
      • Sign before all events

Member Experience

  • Vision: Evaluate and develop innovative experiences that ensure we are meeting the evolving needs of all membership categories
  • Description:
    • Ensure that our member base is representative of a multitude of backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, etc.
      • DEI Committee to partner with Membership
    • Provide a platform for members to share stories of their experiences in the business events industry
    • Address member needs from all industry segments and experience levels.
    • Ensure a continued growth and value to our sponsor members as an investment
    • Market the brand – tell our chapter’s story, it’s offerings, and member journey

Community Service

  • Vision: Thoughtfully curate opportunities and choose causes to support to enrich the member experience.
  • Description:
    • Create volunteer opportunities that specifically focus on supporting marginalized groups
    • Partner with organizations that promote diversity, equality, and inclusion – ideally within our industry
      • NCBMP volunteer partnership
    • Provide more resources to members who take a special interest in volunteering
    • Celebrate and recognize those who contribute their time volunteering
    • Create more opportunities for volunteering – within the chapter and within the community
    • Fundraising – specifically set aside X% of dollars raised to be donated to a diverse and inclusive organization (i.e. ACLU, Loveland Foundation, BLM, or one industry-specific)
Adam DyesDiversity, Equity & Inclusion